Here you will find a collection of images and movies from our group's research.

BIL highligthed by the Beckman Institute for Advanced Science and Technology
(Link to 3rd party site above, MP4 video, ~ 15 MB)

BIL featured in Carle - Illinois College of Medicine video
(Link to 3rd party site above, MP4 video, ~9 MB)

Science 360 News Spot - "Device spots bacteria behind the eardrum"
(Link to 3rd party site)

UIUC Interview - Clinical Imaging Systems
click here to download (.MP4 ~40 MB)

Ear Infections - Inside Science TV
click here to download (.MP4 ~25 MB)

BioOptics World interview with Prof. Boppart
(Link to 3rd Party site)

Local news segment on Introperative OCT imaging for improved Breast Cancer Diagnostics
click here to download (.WMV ~50 MB)

Hot Topics Talk: Cancer Imaging - SPIE 2012
FLV~30 MB or WMV~50 MB)

Tadpole's beating heart
Click here to download. (244kb)

Tadpole cross-section
Click here to download. (1.21Mb)

Enface raw and ISAM reconstructed data at varying depths
Click here to download. (244kb)

Optical coherence elastography images of a developing specimen
Click here to download. (244kb)