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Biophotonics Imaging Laboratory Facilities

BIL Shared Facilities

All new users (i.e., faculty, post-docs, and graduate or undergraduate research assistants) must first complete the user registration form and receive appropriate training. You must be trained and approved to use particular instrument or piece of equipment that you intend to use. Contact Eric Chaney at echaney@illinois.edu or (217) 265-5141 to begin this process. Forms are linked below.

User Policies

These are a few basic policies for the BIL Shared resources to ensure smooth operation for all users. We will do our best to accommodate any needs, as long as they do not interfere with the progress of others' research.

  • Access to equipment is restricted to registered users who have been properly trained by designated staff. Sharing of keys, and/or username accounts is expressly prohibited and will result in termination of access to all facilities for the owner of the keys, or account.
  • Users should use reasonable judgment when reserving time on instruments especially in cases of very heavily used instruments. This means that users should not block out large time periods for multiple days in a row unless they have discussed this with a member of BIL staff.
  • To sign-up for or cancel the instrument time, go to (calendar). Users are required to cancel their reservation at least 24 hours before the scheduled session.
  • BIL members are available for training and consultation.

Unless otherwise approved by BIL staff, all equipment should remain in the designated rooms.

User’s responsibilities:

  • Sign up in the log-book (user name, PI name, hours of use, problems/comments)
  • Properly shut down and clean the instrument
  • Remove all the waste and leave the room in the original condition
  • Report immediately any problems
  • Acknowledge the use of the equipment depending on the level of involvement (acknowledgment in the papers, co-authorship on the papers or co-authorship on the grant proposals)
  • All additional UIUC policies apply to BIL Shared Resources.


BIL Darkroom - Beckman 3638

This shared room stores our Darkboxes:

  • Maestro In Vivo Fluorescent Imaging System
  • Stanford Photonics ONYX/M Luminescence Dark Box

Maestro Lab User Guide - Official Maestro Manual and Quick Start

Stanford Photonics Manual

To gain access to calendar, complete both required forms and email: echaney@illinois.edu.

This Calender is view-only. To schedule a time, you must be a registered user with BIL and authorized to use the calendar through a UIUC Gmail account.

Darkbox room - Purple Boxes

More Resources to come......