Jenny Won recently was selected as a Nadine Barrie Smith Memorial Fellowship receipient.  She will receive a stipend and be recognized at the Beckman Institute Student Awards Ceremony on Saturday May 6th.

In honor of Nadine Barrie Smith’s life and achievements, Nadine’s husband, Andrew Webb, established the Nadine Barrie Smith Memorial Fund, which provides fellowships to female engineering graduate students who are conducting research in the general field of medical imaging (e.g., ultrasound, optical, magnetic resonance) at the Beckman Institute. Preference for awarding the fellowships shall be given to students from the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering. Up to two $4,000 fellowships will be awarded. The purpose of the fellowship is to pay for housing and/or other living expenses so that the selected student can remain on campus during the summer to conduct research in Beckman Institute laboratories.

For more information on Nadine Barrie Smith and the fellowship please visit the webpage: